In many countries a well-functioning healthcare system is still lacking and substantial investments are needed to ensure access to healthcare for all.

Even though most impact can be created by investing in primary care facilities that enable treating people at the lowest level in the health chain, we also encourage the shift from cure to prevention and the growing scale of eHealth. Together with renowned specialist companies from the Netherlands we intend to make more pioneering investments financeable.

Check-up of child with mother in an African hospital.

Innovations throughout the entire healthcare chain

We like to partner with leading Dutch health tech companies who are at the forefront of breakthrough innovations in various parts within the healthcare chain. Think about digital solutions for triage and diagnosis, or for remote patient monitoring in order to alleviate hospitals that currently function as a go to destination for all. In combination with a well functioning referral system these types of innovations are crucial for creating health demand and the overall improvement of the health system.

Operational sustainability

Next to high tech solutions several organizations from the Netherlands are very knowledgeable in healthcare financing and ensuring the well functioning of a healthcare system in the long run. Capacity building for quality monitoring by being transparent and accountable during operations requires an all-comprehensive approach that empowers (local) public authorities to be successful in the overall implementation. Besides providing investment arrangements our support can also include coalition building and strengthening local ownership.

“Since we work for governments and companies, funding operational sustainability is part of all our healthcare investments.”

Alignment of our financial instruments

Multi-sector cooperation between government authorities, (local) organizations and companies is essential to fuel innovations and introduce a sustainable healthcare system. Our hybrid business model, which allows us to support governments and companies, enables us to strategically align our financial instruments and make the breakthrough solutions that are needed, including infrastructure components, feasible.

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