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This privacy statement was last modified on January 15 2023.


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Privacy statement

This privacy statement is applicable to the processing of personal data by Invest International B.V. (Chamber of Commerce: 83517626) and its group companies Invest International Public Programmes B.V. (Chamber of Commerce: 83526617), Invest International Development B.V. (Chamber of Commerce: 83526773) and Invest International Capital B.V. (Chamber of Commerce: 83526471), hereinafter referred to as “Invest International” or “us” or “we”. In order to provide its services to customers, Invest International processes company data. When processing this company data, we may process personal data as well. E.g. contact information, email addresses or UBO data. Invest International respects your privacy and processes your personal details with all due care and protect them very carefully in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. This privacy statement contains information about the purposes and bases for the processing of your data. We advise you reading this statement carefully.

Purposes for the processing of personal data

Invest International shall process your personal data only for the following purposes:

1. to judge you(r company) as a (potential) client;
2. to close and perform the agreement concluded with you(r company);
3. to keep administrative records, as well as for other activities regarding internal management;
4. to calculate, document and collect the amounts due, including having a third party collect the debts;
5. to be able to get in contact with you and to respond to your questions;
6. to inform you about new products, services and offers by Invest International;
7. to handle your request for further information;
8. to be able to send you our digital newsletters which will be send by e-mail;
9. to improve our website and the services of Invest International;
10. to handle disputes, including (administrative) legal procedures by our Public Programmes subsidiary, and for the ability to perform an (accounting) audit;
11. to support activities aimed at ensuring the security and integrity of the finance and investment sector, including, for example, (the whole set of) activities aimed at:
a) identifying, preventing, investigating and combating acts that may disadvantage finance and investment institutions;
b) recognising, preventing, investigating and combating the improper use of products, services and facilities and/or (attempts to commit) punishable or reprehensible behaviour and/or violations of (legal) regulations, directed at:
 the sector in which Invest International is active; the economic unit (group) to which Invest International belongs;
 Invest International itself;
 its clients and employees.
c) the use of and participation in warning systems.
12. to comply with legal obligations, such as the requirement to keep and retain administrative records;
13. in connection with the implementation of schemes for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation by Invest International.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

We won’t use or process your personal data without reason. In accordance with the privacy legislation, this is only possible when there is a legal basis for the processing of your data. The legal grounds for processing personal data for the aforementioned purposes are:

1. your consent: We may process your personal data because you have given us explicit permission to do so. Do we process your personal data on the basis of your permission? Then you can withdraw your permission at any time by sending an e-mail to Once your request to withdraw your permissions has been handled, we will no longer process your personal data.

2. to perform the contract concluded with you: We need your personal data to conclude and also perform a contract, for example if we provide you(r company) with financing. Are you the representative, contact person, shareholder, director or UBO of your company and does your company have or want to have an agreement with us? Then we will (also) use your personal data for other purposes than for concluding or executing the agreement. For more information, please see the purposes listed above;

3. complying with the applicable legal obligations: There are rules laid down by law with which we must comply. These rules state that we must record your personal data.

Some examples of legal obligations we must comply with:
a) We must take measures to prevent and combat fraud, tax evasion, terrorist financing and money laundering. Therefore we ask you to identify yourself so that we know who you are. We will keep a copy of your identity document;
b) Sometimes we are obliged to keep your personal data, for example because of the general administration obligation for companies, the tax law or the Money laundering and terrorism financing Act (‘Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme’ or Wwft).
c) For our Public Programmes we carry out legal procedures such as objection, appeal and complaint handling in connection with the implementation of subsidy schemes.

4. The carrying out of a task in the public interest: In the enabling act which established Invest International B.V., a number of tasks have been attributed. In carrying out these tasks, Invest International may process personal data. These tasks are:

a. The direct or indirect support of the development of:
 Initiatives or enterprises, if these can contribute to the realization of the Dutch Sustainable Development Goals, or
 Initiatives, SME’s or medium sized enterprises which have a detailed intention to realize growth within a few years, if with this a contribution can be made to the Dutch economy, including the economy of the public entities of Baire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

b. Provide financing directly or indirectly at its own expense and risk to:
 Enterprises, if this can contribute to the realization of the Dutch Sustainable Development Goals
 SME’s or growth-oriented medium-sized enterprises, as referred to in the Establishing Act, if such financing can contribute to the Dutch economy, including the economy of the public entities of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba

c. The execution, pursuant to a mandate given by the relevant Minister in agreement with the Dutch Minister of Finance, of subsidy schemes or subsidy decisions designated by the relevant Minister concerning financing in accordance with the market, and related activities

d. The exercise of a power of attorney, if and insofar as the relevant Minister grants it, for the exercise of powers associated with the State's shareholding in companies

e. Holding equity interests in companies that substantially contribute to the long-term development of, or international cooperation for the benefit of, the Dutch economy

f. To cooperate with institutions and bodies of institutions of the European Union and other international legal organizations and development and financing institutions of the Netherlands and other countries in the exercise of the tasks referred to in a-e.

5. Legitimate interests: For processing that goes beyond what is strictly necessary for providing our services and is not based on a legal obligation or on your consent, we base the processing on the legitimate interest. These are the purposes numbered 3 through 11. These processing operations are necessary for the normal management and continuity of our business. For these processing purposes, we balance the interests of Invest International with your privacy interests. We then check whether we cannot achieve the same goal in a different way. And whether we really need all data.

Our interests include the following:
a) We want to protect our own financial position;
b) We do not want to be involved in fraud;
c) We have to keep our internal records in order, take measures within the framework of business control and carry out checks on our internal processes;
d) Marketing purposes, such as sending newsletters and responding to your queries.

You can object against the processing of your personal data for this purpose on the ground of your right to object. More information on the right to object will follow later on in this statement.

Mandatory provision of personal data

Whenever we request your personal data, we will inform you whether providing the personal data is necessary or mandatory and what the consequences will be, if any, if the personal data are not provided. Our leading principle is that we will not process more personal data than what is (strictly) necessary for the purposes as described above.

Transfer of your personal data to third parties

The basic principle is that we never provide your data to third parties, with the exception of the following cases:
• parties who research and provide information about the creditworthiness of (potential) customers;
• third parties with whom we cooperate in offering (combined) products and services (in that case we will specify in advance the third party/parties concerned);
• the operator of the following Incident Alert System in situations where, in order to protect the safety and integrity of the financing system, it is common practice across the whole industry to do so;
• parties that we need in order to provide our services, for example lawyers and auditors;
• service providers who support Invest International in carrying out certain tasks. These include companies who maintain our IT systems and applications, external contractors and companies who organise events, conduct market research and/or send mailings.
Your personal data may be shared with entities which are part of the Invest International group. These are, as mentioned, the following entities: Invest International B.V., Invest International Public Programmes B.V., Invest International Development B.V. and Invest International Capital B.V. Your personal data will only be shared with these entities if the sharing of personal data is necessary for one or more of the above purposes. Invest International does not provide personal data to third parties who intend to use this data for their own purpose. However, the foregoing might differ when:
• you have given prior consent for this provision; or
• Invest International is required by law to provide this data.

Transfer of personal data to foreign countries

Your personal data will be processed within the borders of the European Union. If and insofar as your personal data are processed outside the borders of the European Union, the processing will only take place if the third country has an adequate level of protection. Countries have an adequate level of protection if an adequacy decision of the European Commission exists for the country. Click here for more information about the countries for which an adequacy decision has been issued. When the transfer cannot be based on an adequacy decision, Invest International will provide appropriate safeguards for the transfer of personal data to a third country. Transfers to third countries, which cannot be based on an adequacy decision, will only take place on the basis of binding corporate rules or standard contractual clauses.

Automatic decision-making and profiling

Invest International does not use automatic decision-making and profiling.

Retention period

We are obliged to retain personal data for a certain period of time. The retention period may vary from a few months to several years, depending on the applicable legislation and/or the duration of the agreement. Your data will never be kept longer than necessary or a legally required period. Data that we are obliged to retain on the basis of our administration obligation will be retained for 7 years.

Protection of personal data

Naturally, Invest International will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or any kind of unauthorized processing. All data is treated confidentially in both organisational and technical areas.

Your rights

Pursuant to the law on protection of personal data, you have various rights regarding your personal data. These rights are listed below.

• Right to access: You have the right to request Invest International to provide access to the processed personal data concerning you.
• Right to rectification or correction: You have the right to have your personal data corrected or deleted.
• Right to object to processing: For example, you can always unsubscribe from e-mailings.
• Right to request restriction of processing: If you feel that we do not have the correct personal data about you, you have the right to have your data temporarily 'frozen' during this verification/investigative process.
• Right to data portability: You can have your data transferred by us in a common machine format to another party who has the role of data controller.
• Withdrawal of consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. We will then immediately cease processing your data.

You can exercise any of these rights by sending an e-mail to In this e-mail, please specifiy which of the above right(s) you are invoking.


You always have the possibility to file a complaint with the regulatory authority on Dutch privacy legislation, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA). You can find their contact information on their website


We may amend this privacy statement. These modifications will be announced on the Invest International website. Invest International may process your personal data for new purposes that are not yet listed in the overview in this privacy statement. In that case we will contact you before we will use your data for these new purposes in order to inform you of the changes in our regulations for the protection of personal data and to offer you the opportunity to refuse participation.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or our privacy policy, or you want to invoke one of your legal rights, you can contact us through the following contact information:
Invest International B.V.
Bezuidenhoutseweg 12
2594 AV Den Haag, Nederland