We bring international financing of complex, innovative solutions to the next level.

Construction workers.

We provide a range  of capital solutions for companies and investment funds whose international activities contribute to realizing the SDG’s. For governments in developing countries we make  Dutch Government Funds accessible that are designed for infrastructure projects in developing countries.

One-stop shop for direct investments

Our expertise is in export finance, project finance and value chain finance. Our products vary from friendly financing arrangements based on Dutch government public funds for international financing to risk capital solutions such as equity, debt or mezzanine. All together we can support companies in every stage of their maturity.

“Innovative solutions that make supply chains more sustainable have our special interest.”

Other financers like banks or venture capital funds who seek a co-investor with whom they can team up to make complex  investments feasible should feel welcome to contact us. As a provider of patient capital we are always willing to discuss opportunities for co-investments as long as they have an impact focus on SDG’s.

For investment funds with an international focus that seek capital we could provide funding. Or we look for other funding opportunities within Europe.

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Public programs for infrastructure

We offer Governmental organisations in developing countries financing solutions for public infrastructure projects. . These solutions, powered by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs, are relevant for the development and implementation stage of public infrastructure projects.