On this page, you will find information on and links to tenders that are currently open for infrastructural and other projects.

Invest International uses TenderNed to issue invitations to tender for services, goods and/or works that we procure. If the services, goods and/or works are procured by a local government, a link to the relevant publication is published on this page.

European tender for the Internal Auditor Function

To properly deploy audit resources, it is important to identify the risks Invest International faces in achieving its ambition and goals, including financial, strategic, compliance and IT-related risks, and how those risks can be effectively managed. That understanding is the basis for risk-based internal audit planning. Those audits are used to further strengthen business operations.

The importance of controlled operations is even more relevant given the public mission of Invest International and the fact that Invest International invests with public money. Demonstrably functioning internal control increases the trust that direct stakeholders specifically and society in general will have in Invest International. This safeguards the license for Invest International to operate.

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