On this page, you will find links to tenders that are currently open for infrastructural projects funded by the programmes Develop2Build (D2B), DRIVE and ORIO.

Invest International uses TenderNed to issue invitations to tender for services, goods and/or works that we procure. If the services, goods and/or works are procured by a local government, a link to the relevant publication is published on this page.

  • At this moment there is one tender published:

Rwanda: Design and Build contract

The Government of Rwanda Launched the pre-qualification for the Design and Build contract for the construction of the ports of Karongi and Nkora at lake Kivu. The procuring entity is RTDA and the tender notice can be accessed here (PDF).

This project is co-financed by DRIVE. Other financiers are Trademark East Africa (TMEA) and the Government of Rwanda. Information about the tender can be found on the online e-procurement portal of the government of Rwanda: https://www.umucyo.gov.rw/. (Tender No. 000001/W/ICB/2021/2022/RTDA). You can submit via this portal.