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‘Remote monitoring for the next generation of energy companies.’ That’s the slogan written below the red logo of AMMP Technologies. The Dutch start-up helps green energy companies in emerging markets to monitor and manage their energy systems online. That enables them to provide better energy services in places where access to electricity is not straightforward and off-grid systems such as solar panels are gaining in popularity.

Renewable energy

Loading a mobile phone, studying in the evening with light or listening to the radio. Such activities are the most natural thing in the world, but not for many inhabitants of Africa, where an estimated 600 million people have no access to electricity. Sometimes it’s simply unavailable, or connecting to the electricity network is too expensive. Renewable energy, also known as sustainable or green energy, offers a solution. It makes energy accessible, even in remote areas, in the form of solar energy systems or energy from wind or water, also known as off-grid systems. AMMP helps to make that possible in innovative ways.

Climate, energy and digitalization

AMMP operates at the intersection of climate, energy and digitization and focuses on a new generation of energy operators. Operating from Amsterdam since 2018, the start-up helps organizations in the energy sector to manage their networks remotely in real-time. With the software platform SaaS (Software as a Service) as the pivot around which everything revolves. This supplier-independent solution makes data-driven works possible, ensuring better services for clients and saving on operational costs (OPEX).

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Two men working for AMMP Technologies.

Renewable sources of energy are better for the environment and create access to electricity, which has a positive effect on education and gender equality.

“Access to energy changes lives in towns and villages, creating new economic opportunities for companies, entrepreneurs and households.”

Solar panels and electrification

“Whether it’s a mini-grid operator with a few solar energy systems – solar panels, a converter and a connection to the network – who wants to get more out of his business or an Energy Service Company (ESCO) with a large customer base, AMMP can help both on their way,” explains CEO Svet Bajlekov of AMMP. He set up AMMP together with Hendrik Broering (CPO) and Stine Bundgaard-Carlé (COO).

“Our mission is to invest in better services for energy operators and increase our impact on the rural electrification sector. Electrification saves energy and helps to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, we focus on local entrepreneurs.”

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The AMMP Technologies founders.

The founders of the Amsterdam start-up AMMP, from left: Svet Bajlekov (CEO), Stine Bundgaard-Carlé (COO) and Hendrik Broering (CPO).

1000 energy systems across 20 countries

As of 2021, AMMP manages some 1000 energy systems across 20 countries on four continents on its platform. It supports various devices that are heavily used in emerging markets, among them solar panel systems (PV arrays), battery inverters for storing solar energy, back-up generators and smart meters connected to solar panels. AMMP’s partnerships and integrations with a range of vendors mean that operators can usually onboard their systems on AMMP within minutes without installing any additional hardware.

Good to know

Industry can save energy by electrifying processes. Electrification reduces fossil CO2 emissions, especially because of the improved sustainability achieved through electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels. They contribute to the energy transition goals for 2030: a reduction of 40-50% in CO2 emissions compared to 1990 (source: Netherlands Enterprise Agency).

Finture Solutions winner

In 2019, AMMP was selected as one of the Finture Solutions winners and received more than 125,000 euros in repayable development contribution. This competition, organized by FMO in collaboration with Rockstart, helps Dutch start-ups and scale-ups who create positive change in emerging markets, especially in the areas of agrotech, clean energy and healthcare.

AMMP is a real Finture Solutions winner because:

• The start-up supplies mini-grids that play a fundamental role in the energy transition in emerging markets. And hence offer a solution for rural electrification, which aligns with the off-grid strategy of Invest International.
• AMMP has a solid management that shows leadership. The team have a strong track record in the mini-grid segment owing to their previous work at E.ON Off Grid Solutions, where there they developed a comprehensive network in their area of expertise and gained considerable experience on the ground.

Starting in 2022, Finture Solutions will be organized jointly with Invest International.

Two men working at the AMMP office.

AMMP can help both mini-grid operators with a few solar panels and major energy companies to develop.

“We want to increase our impact on the rural electrification sector and help local entrepreneurs with solar technologies. That saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.”

Svet Bajkelov


Mini-grid operators

The Finture project has made possible an extension of the AMMP platform to three new local mini-grid operators. A mini-grid is an energy system for small-scale electricity generation that supplies energy consumers through a linked distribution network. Sustainably generated energy (solar or wind) is supplied directly to users through storage in a battery pack.

Renewable energy in the future

AMMP’s presence in emerging markets is growing rapidly. Much of the current growth comes from the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector. These companies have greater energy needs and are looking to secure more reliable, clean and affordable energy. They are also switching to renewable forms of energy. AMMP works with major developers in this area to ensure that they can soon supply more customers with green energy.

The AMMP project wants to make an impact by:

  • stimulating the rural electrification sector in emerging markets, including Africa, as well as South America and South-East Asia.
  • expanding electricity access, which has a positive effect on education and gender equality (SDG 10).
  • creating local jobs in target markets in the emerging sustainability sector (SDG 8).
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing access to renewable energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels such as oil and gas (SDG 13).

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