Within the Netherlands there is an emerging ecosystem with a clear focus towards circular manufacturing; creating materials and products with maximum functional value, for the longest period of time, using minimum resources.

At the same time steeply increasing waste generation calls for innovations to stop the threat inefficient waste management poses on ensuring safe living environments. Companies who want to export or expand these types of innovative solutions often face substantial investments with a difficult risk profile. That’s where we want to make the difference.

Men making clothes for J LABEL in the Indian factory.

Rethinking manufacturing

In search for more sustainable production companies often apply the ‘design out’ principle; minimizing waste and spillage by designing processes and products with as few (scarce) resources as possible, whether material, energy or labour. On the consumption side of manufacturing zero-waste designs and new business models based on usage instead of ownership allow minimal environmental impact during the entire product lifecycle. Another way to extend the product life cycle is predictive maintenance. By leveraging data, IoT and intelligent algorithms maintenance, downtimes and costs can be reduced.

“Companies are exploring innovative solutions to restore value across both production and consumption processes.”

Effective waste management

In many developing countries there is still a lot of work to be done to deal with the downsides (e.g. waste) of traditional linear manufacturing before making the transition towards sustainable and circular production. Finding innovative solutions for all health, safety and environmental challenges related to waste is most urgent in fast growing urban areas. Opportunities lie in partnering with local communities in order to make municipal solid waste more circular and improving solid waste management, including collection, transportation, sorting and disposal.

Bridging private-public interests

Through our public programs we have the instruments to fund waste management projects and help public clients to create impact. For companies who want to internationally scale-up Dutch solutions for sustainable and circular manufacturing we can provide investment arrangements with co-financiers who see the importance of creating impact on SDG’s.

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