Energy & Climate

Handling climate change requires scalable innovative solutions in sustainable energy to speed up the transition towards a carbon neutral economy.

The Netherlands has a lot to offer in finding innovative solutions to handle climate change and adaptation. Innovations range from various technological solutions and expertise to new specialised business models and financing arrangements.

Solar Park.

Besides the typically Dutch approach for ‘smart building with nature’ there are also many innovations related to providing sustainable energy for all. We foster these solutions as they facilitate the transition from fossil based to carbon neutral and want to make the necessary investments feasible.

Renewable energy solutions

The global renewable energy market, especially solar and wind energy solutions, has reached levels of maturity during the last decade(s). Our special interest goes out to innovative local solutions that are not always able to get commercial financing. Think about investments in off-grid solutions that provide rural communities with electricity, as well as sustainable energy solutions that are directly linked with (local) distribution systems.

“Innovative mobility solutions in electrical vehicle charging almost always combine innovations in technology, business model and financing arrangement.”

Another example of renewable energy is in hydro-energy where smaller scale Dutch solutions that extract energy from either tidal forces or currents, can be deployed in a wide array of circumstances all over the world.

Bio-based and recycling resources

The global debate on the use of biomass a source for renewable energy has evolved rapidly. Innovative solutions that use bio-based resources meet criteria such as the extent to which the resources used are sustainable or regarding the (outcome) value of the end product. Examples such as the anaerobic digestion of organic matter that can be broken down to bio-fertiliser or biogas are fit for purpose when it comes to renewable energy sources. Using waste in an effective manner to generate heat and electricity is also a Dutch expertise in which we can help design tailor made financing arrangements.

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