Financing start-ups and SME’s: from early-stage financing, export finance to various risk capital solutions.

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For start-ups and SME’s we offer excellent financing solutions. From financing arrangements based on Dutch government public funds for international financing, export finance for small tickets to various risk capital solutions such as equity or debt. We can support start-ups and SME’s in every stage of their maturity.

Small export transactions for SMEs

We are here to help your Dutch business grow and increase your chances of success. Also when it comes to supporting you with small export transactions that are often cut off from traditional financing channels.

Especially for SMEs we offer a ticket facility for transactions between 100.000 euros and a maximum amount per loan 5 million euros by use of Bills of exchange.

For this finance solution we work together with fund manager OHV and export credit insurer Atradius Dutch State Business.

Do you have a financing need and want to know more about this option? Please contact OHV directly at or call Davey Zuijderwijk, Manager Structured Finance OHV:  +31 (0)6-3900 3865.


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Conditions for financing your business

In general, the following conditions apply:

  • A well developed business plan; assessable and detailed, including a clear financing model
  • Positive impact on SDG’s is required; SDG 8 & 13 have our primary focus
  • Contribution to the Dutch economy; business activities must have a sufficiently strong link to the Dutch economy
  • Involvement of other investors; at least one other investor should participate as well
  • Comply with ESG principles; it should be clear how the business avoids, minimizes or mitigates ESG risks

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