For start-ups and SME’s our capital products vary from friendly financing arrangements to various risk capital solutions.

Indian woman showing clothing from Dutch fashion label J LABEL.

We can support start-ups and SME’s in every stage of their maturity. In general our expertise is in export finance, project finance and value chain finance.

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Conditions for financing your business

In general, the following conditions apply:

  • The business activities are related to our five focus sectors
  • A well developed business plan; assessable and detailed, including a clear financing model
  • Positive impact on SDG’s is required; SDG 8 & 13 have our primary focus
  • Contribution to the Dutch economy; business activities must have a sufficiently strong link to the Dutch economy
  • Involvement of other investors; at least one other investor should participate as well
  • Comply with ESG principles; it should be clear how the business avoids, minimizes or mitigates ESG risks

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