Breakthrough innovations often require more than just capital.

Health worker Ann of Amref talks to women in a village in Kenia.

Early-stage projects related to innovative solutions are often characterised by uncertainty and a substantial amount of risk. Through our project development services we provide co-financing solutions with the objective to make these types of projects financeable and/or to develop scalable innovative business models.

Project development: Solutions for complex projects

Global challenges require breakthrough innovations. Our activities incorporate private and public sector project development. By financing feasibility studies, master planning or technical assistance for governments and companies we bring a project proposal or business plan to the next level.

Together we connect the dots and design the necessary investment arrangements that allow new business opportunities to arise. Our only upfront condition is that your project or business combines Dutch interest with local impact and contributes to the achievement of the SDG’s.

More and better access to capital

Being a hybrid impact investor ourselves, we understand the specific characteristics of private and public capital. As breakthrough innovations are often complex and risky, private investors alone might be reluctant to participate. By setting up blended private-public financing arrangements we create a one-stop-shop for every stage of a project or business maturity cycle.

We can support governments and businesses to make investments feasible by strengthening the business case or -model, reducing uncertainties related to value chain bottlenecks or by introducing high-class experts from one of our global partners. Through so-called ‘committed coalitions’ we can even create new financial instruments when (financial) markets can’t sufficiently provide what is needed.

We offer acces to:

High-class experts

A global network of partners

Private and public capital

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