Financing of Envipco

The financing of Envipco is a very impactful investment since the produced RVMs play a vital role in enabling the circular economy. They provide an innovative and easy way for consumers to return empty PETs, cans, and glass drinks containers. Besides producing these machines, Envipco is also playing an important role in supporting various countries’ governments in setting up respective legislation for deposit return schemes.

Six people for signing transaction Envipco ringing the bell

During the signing of the financial transaction at the head offices of Invest International. From left to right: Koen Hamers (Head of International Finance SMEs and Mid Corps), Derk Visser (CFO Envipco) and Simon Bolton (CEO Envipco), Joost Oorthuizen (CEO Invest International), Sona Krijger-Dolbakyan (Investment Manager) and Michiel Slootweg (Director Private Sector Invest International).

Photo: © Nico de Voogd.

Recycling plastic bottles

The machinery of Envipco plays a crucial role in the success story of returning and recycling bottles by shoppers. The company has been active in the US for many decades. Following the increasing EU legislation on stimulating recycling programs across EU, the company now aims to expand their business in Europe. They recently established a local production facility in Sebes, Romania, from where Envipco aims to serve the growing demand for the RVMs in Europe.

The loan facility of Invest International, through the Dutch Trade and Innovation Fund (DTIF) we manage on behalf of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, is expected to be used for the working capital needs of the Romanian production.

Waste pile of colourful plastic bottles to be recycled

Sona Krijger-Dolbakyan, Investment Manager SMEs & Midcorp Team: “We are very pleased to support the expansion of Envipco and thereby play a small role in accelerating the transition to a circular economy. The company contributes positively to the impact priorities of Invest International: around 200 decent jobs in Romania and 25 decent jobs in NL will be supported (SDG 8). Envipco also takes on climate action (SDG13) by having set targets to reduce its own carbon footprint.”

“It contributes to pollution mitigation and avoids emissions beyond its value chain, and therefore carries a Green Label. The products of Envipco and the project in general also largely contribute to SDG12, which targets by 2030 to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. Another impactful example of Invest International’s unique role as a Dutch impact investor that is putting the funds to work in international projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Simon Bolton, Group CEO Envipco: “We are excited to be working with InvestInternational and really appreciate the support and process that we followed. We are a Dutch-listed SME and InvestInternational have really engaged to provide important funding and capital at a critical stage in the company’s development. The investment will be used to support rapid growth in European markets, especially working capital as we grow in our Romanian production facility and broader supply chain.”

About Envipco

Envipco is a leading reverse vending machine (RVM) technology company with over four decades of experience providing systems for all sizes of enterprise – from small to large – with customized recycling solutions. Partnering with Envipco will ensure a smooth implementation and provide best-in-class support for your on-going operations.

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