Sustainable investments

“The Netherlands is leader in agriculture and food trade and offers a unique landscape of companies, knowledge and innovation centers to provide business solutions in the agri-food sector. We want to support those Dutch solutions”, Raymond kicks off the interview. Adding: “Since Invest International started, we spoke with a lot of Dutch businesses in the agri-food sector that wish to take on sustainable investments abroad. But, the current commercial banking and investor landscape makes it sometimes more difficult finding bespoke financing for their projects. Invest International can fill that funding gap and offer solutions for those financial needs. Therefore, we do not compete with the commercial banks. Our involvement in transactions only starts then when commercial banks are not able to carry out these transactions or look for a partner to do the deal with.”

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“Agri-food plays a crucial role in the transition to net zero, linking to climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

Transition to net zero and climate change

There is a lot of work to be done. Needless to say, Agri-food plays a crucial role in the transition to net zero, linking to climate change mitigation and adaptation. “Agri-food is one of the most polluting industries. To be able to feed a growing population and to ensure a livable planet, the way we produce our food must change. At Invest International we want to stimulate this transition and support investments in, for example, alternative protein, sustainable seeds and crop protection and the reduction of food loss and food waste. Also, the Dutch expertise in greenhouse construction can play a role in developing local food systems and shorter supply chains”.

Where exactly does Invest International step in?

“There’s a need for support in every stage of a company’s lifecycle. With dedicated teams for Business Development, Start-ups and SMEs, Large Corporates and Equity, we can offer a wide range of financing solutions. Cooperating in this with Atradius Dutch State Business and Fund manager OHV to provide export finance solutions, and with local banks in Africa for local currency funding. We also can contribute to public private infrastructure projects in relation to the development of the Agri-food supply chains.”

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Finance early stages of project

And, what if a company still needs to determine whether or not to proceed with an investment project? “Our Business Development team has the option to partly finance feasibility studies in the early stages of such an investment project. With our public funds, we aim to finance infrastructural projects in the agri-food space that benefit the general public in emerging markets. In general, Invest International has the ability to finance sustainable investments that are often considered too risky for mainstream investors, based on country risk or structured risks, for example.”

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Dutch solutions for global challenges

Three pillars load the purpose of Invest International:

  • Creating added value through efficient management of Environmental Social Governmental (ESG) risks in investments
  • Providing advice on structuring high impact deals to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Invest International commits itself to achieving SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth) and SDG 13 (climate action) and through the Agri-food investments additionally other SDGs including SDG 2 (zero hunger) will be achieved.
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Climate neutral transportation

“Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate adaptation in the agri-food supply chain can for example be achieved through regenerative agricultural practices, efficient greenhouse usage, reduction of food loss and food waste and climate neutral transportation.”

“The creation of new jobs in the agri-food value chain is an important part of local sustainable development. Also, the quality of jobs in the form of decent working conditions and living wage/income for employees of clients for financed projects. And, through financing Agri-food projects we want to contribute to a world without hunger”, concludes Raymond.

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Raymond Beimers Sector Head Agri-food
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