Dutch SMEs contributing to the SDGs

Karmijn Kapitaal Fund III has a good strategic fit with Invest International mandate and goals of supporting the internationalization of Dutch SMEs, whilst contributing to SDG 8 (Economic Growth and Decent Work) and SDG 5 (Gender Equality).

Equity investment

Invest International invests EUR 15 million Equity Investment in Karmijn Kapitaal Fund III. Karmijn Kapitaal Fund III is committed to invest a significant part of those funds in companies with emerging market links, with a focus on Dutch SMEs international expansion with increasing demands and prospects in emerging markets.

“Investment fund Karmijn Kapitaal participates in Dutch SMEs with a diverse Management Team. ”

Karmijn Kapitaal

Karmijn Kapitaal is an investment fund that participates in Dutch SMEs with a diverse Management Team. Karmijn places great importance on the continuity of the companies they invest in and believes that besides the traditional economic factors other elements also come into play. Therefore, the investment fund is actively addressing soft values such as employee satisfaction, creativity and maintaining healthy personal relationships.

Inclusivity and diversity

The founders of Karmijn actively promote their ideas on inclusiveness and diversity. Its added value is now widely recognized and is regularly imitated by new funds. Some examples of this are the establishment of level20 Netherlands by Cilian Jansen Verplanke, the election of Hadewych Cels in the Future 40 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders in March 2021 and the election of Désirée van Boxtel in the Inclusive 30 of leaders who make a difference in inclusivity and diversity.

Photo of Karmijn Kapitaal founders, left to right: Désirée van Boxtel, Hadewych Cels and Cilian Jansen Verplanke.

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