Developing Energy & Climate sector

As the Sector Head Energy & Climate Itske will be responsible for developing one of Invest International’s five core impact sectors and build and maintain an impactful portfolio in an exciting and challenging environment. All with the goal to making impact on the SDGs, SDGs 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and 13 (Climate impact) being the main focus.

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Director Private Sector at Invest International Michiel Slootweg: “We are delighted to have Itske join Invest International’s leadership team as Sector Head Energy & Climate. Her professional career at Triodos Investment Management with a focus on financing sustainable projects in the Netherlands and emerging markets, fits perfectly with the Dutch solutions for global challenges. Itske has a proven track record in impact investing with deep knowledge of financing of sustainable energy projects. This will prove to be a valuable background in supporting our mission with projects in the fields of solar, (battery) storage, waste to energy (WtE) and green hydrogen/ammonia. Proud to say that with Itske’s onboarding the group of managers for our five focus sectors now is complete.”

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“The energy and climate challenges we have today, only have a chance to be addressed properly, when private and public collaborate in good faith.”

Itske Lulof

Sector Head Energy & Climate

Energy transition

Commenting on her new position, Itske Lulof says: “I am looking forward to support Invest International’s mission in this role. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to an organization and a sector in build-up phase, working directly with entrepreneurs and projects, in public-private partnerships. Invest International can play a crucial role as an impact investor, linking sector expertise of Dutch companies with sustainable projects and smart solutions in emerging markets. Entrepreneurs have a key role to play in the energy transition. I believe that the energy & climate challenges we have today, only have a chance to be addressed properly, when private sector and public institutions collaborate in good faith.”

Itske Lulof in short

30 years ago, Itske studied and observed with her own eyes the environmental effects of the oil and gas exploration in Western Siberia, as part of her East-European and Energy & Environmental Sciences studies. A lifetime passion for energy and climate affairs was the result.

Realizing early, the role of money in transitions, she built her career in impact investing in various roles and multiple sectors, in Europe and emerging markets. Both from the Netherlands and, for quite some years, working and living in Eastern Europe.

Her previous assignment was with Triodos Investment Management, in multiple roles over a period of 12,5 years. She acted as Fund Manager of the Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund and the Triodos Groenfonds – focusing on financing sustainable projects in the Netherlands and emerging markets. As Director Energy & Climate, Itske , participated in the ‘financing table’ of the Dutch Climate Agreement, on behalf of the Dutch Banking Association. It fueled her interest in how to make projects bankable, in public-private collaboration. In her last position as Director Impact Private Debt & Equity, she was responsible for the department managing 2 billion euros in private investments (debt & equity) in financial inclusion, energy & climate and food & agri worldwide.