Financing start-ups and scale-ups

Invest International’s ambition is to empower Dutch founders of companies to make an impact abroad related to the SDGs, with a focus on SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and SDG 13 (Climate impact). Through friendly financing arrangements we support early stage companies with (first) imports, operations or investments abroad. Trusted advisors can help to strengthen your business plan and impact case.

During an event for start-ups in Amsterdam we asked Dutch impact start-ups & scale-ups who received early-stage financing / working capital for their international activities, how it helped them.

Meet the start-ups and scale-ups

The video features Dutch B.V.’s we proudly support:

NXT Grid

NXT Grid provides solar panels and batteries to mini-grid entrepreneurs in rural Nigeria, as well as training locals to become grid developers themselves. Their expertise and AI-software makes it possible for a non-engineer to run their own local utility and be profitable in their endeavor.

Fiber Foods

Fiber Foods is all about dried jackfruit, a plant-based ingredient with a meaty bite. They source from family farmers in rural communities in Uganda and pay them a fair price. By processing the jackfruit at regional hubs, they create jobs and add value that stays in the Ugandan economy.

The Good Roll

The Good Roll is famous for making 100% European recycled paper. In Ghana they opened a factory to produce fair trade toilet paper from bamboo. They save a lot of trees and already work with 180 bamboo farmers. 50 percent of their net profit goes to constructing toilets in Ghana.

eBee International

eBee accelerates the adoption of light electric vehicles in Sub Saharan Africa. Focusing on the development, distribution and servicing of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes for last mile delivery in urban areas.

Johnny Cashew

Of all the African cashew nuts we eat in Europe, 90 percent are shelled in Asia. A detour of 12,000 polluting kilometers. That’s got to stop, thought start-up entrepreneurs Hayo de Feijter, Roel van de Weijer and Freek Wessels. In partnership with Mama Cashew in Tanzania they started a cashew hull factory in Tanzania at the location where the cashews grow, caught the attention of Lidl and launched the Johnny Cashew brand with which they are now conquering the cashew-loving Netherlands.

Tiny Miracles

Tiny Miracles is on a mission to end poverty by focusing on community development and income generation. With the production and sale of unique design products, Tiny Miracles enables women to generate a good income with which they can work on their future. Their holistic approach enables community access to healthcare, education, skill development and building self-confidence.

Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF)

Our early stage financing solutions are made possible by the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) and Dutch Trade & Investment Fund (DTIF) of the Dutch Government. Invest International manages these funds on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Need financing for your start-up or scaling up your business?

Our debt financing solutions:

  • An investment loan typically enables a foreign direct investment by a Dutch company.
  • Pre financing enables first transactions with(in) the target country, e.g. to enable a first container shipment to the Netherlands or working capital to enable a local impactful intervention.
  • Pre investment support can be offered prior to an investment loan, e.g. to strengthen impact by means of knowledge transfer and certifications or a local pilot for technical and/or commercial validation.

Photo: NXT Grid.

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