Lara Muller, Director Public Sector at Invest International, emphasizes the urgency of this project: “The coast near Abidjan is seriously threatened. From 2008 to 2011 alone, ten meters of coastline were lost. Without intervention, vital infrastructure including the largest airport, the port of Abidjan, and a significant industrial area are at risk, potentially impacting one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. The Netherlands, as the largest importer of goods from Ivory Coast, recognizes the importance of this partnership. Dutch companies have the expertise to significantly bolster Ivory Coast’s coastal defenses.”

“The feasibility study, conducted in collaboration with the World Bank and Invest International, is the first step toward a comprehensive coastal protection plan. A year from now, this should culminate in a tender for the actual reinforcement work, with Dutch companies encouraged to participate due to their specialized knowledge.”

Trade, investments and aid

Minister Schreinemacher: “The agreement with Ivory Coast is a good example of how the Dutch government brings together trade, investments and aid. During my visit, I am happy to see concrete results of how the knowledge and experience of Dutch companies are used to contribute to the development of other countries.”

Picture: Minister Liesje Schreinemacher together with the Ivorian Minister of Finance, Adama Coulibaly, after signing the transaction.

300 million euros financing package

“This initiative is part of a broader 300 million euros financing package from the Dutch government and Invest International for Ivory Coast. Over the coming years, this funding will support various projects, including the development of the port of San Pedro, for which Ballast Nedam International Projects financed the preliminary studies, executed by Witteveen en Bos. Besides the restoration of the bays of San Pedro and Abidjan, reforestation efforts, and improvements in water supply management and weather warning systems. Our team is committed to driving these projects forward”, says Lara Muller.

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