Finance solution for exporters

For this bespoke finance solution for exporting SMEs we work together with fund manager OHV and export credit insurer Atradius Dutch State Business.

With the export facility, we close the gap in the market for smaller export financing and pave the way for an stronger, competitive position for Dutch exporters who want to make international impact.

In short:

▶ The initiative focuses on small export transactions that are normally cut off from traditional financing channels.
▶ The transactions are conducted between EUR 100.000,- and a maximum amount per loan of EUR 5 million by use of Bills of exchange.
▶ As an add on financing of associated working capital is also possible (pre-export financing).

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Children in Africa with jerrycans for fetching water.

Rainmaker Holland is one of the SMEs making use of the facility. It offers sustainable and affordable solutions to enable safe drinking water around the world. In Djibouti, our financing will support the prefab factory for a bottled water unit to extract drinking water from the sea. Photo: Jeff Ackley via Unsplash.

Dutch SMEs exporting and using the facility

  1. Value Maritime

    Value Maritime was one of the first SMEs to make use of the bespoke financing facility. The company developed “Filtree”, a unique system that cleans both air and water from all ship types and includes an integrated carbon capture feature making today’s fleet (newbuild or retrofit) sustainable today and future proof for tomorrow. With Value Maritime’s technology vessels can capture up to 40 percent of CO2 emissions with the potential of exceeding 90 percent in the future.

  2. Spark

    Dutch SME business SPARK connects millions of people in emerging markets to solar power. Their modular, carefree kits help people grow in life, work, business and study. Also farmers in Africa get access to affordable energy without needing an electricity connection. With the grids even the smallest community can become energy resilient. Spark is committed to being sustainable across their business, producing their products responsibly, and taking care of what happens to them at the end of their life. Thereby actively reaching SDG7.

  3. Go & Grow Farm Solutions

    Go&Grow Farm Solutions offers effective, mechanical farm solutions for different crops. Mainly aimed at medium sized and large farms throughout Africa. Offering its customers a full package; from market and growing knowledge to machinery, crop storage, logistics and finance. Go&Grow Farm Solutions used financing to purchase a seeder and two soil preparation machines for a farming company in Zambia. These machines will help to prevent soil degradation and reduce the GHG impact on the immediate environment. They will also help to improve the efficiency of farming methods and boost the accessibility to local food resources. Contributing to SDG2, SDG8, SDG12 and SDG13.

  4. SPGPrints

    SPGPrints from Boxmeer is a leader in rotary screen textile printing and a pioneer and key player in digital textile printing, bringing colour to the world. The USP’s of the machines that are delivered worldwide: less CO2 emissions, less energy costs plus less use of water and chemicals. Contributing to SDG8 and SDG13.

  5. Niverplast

    Niverplast is an authority and specialist in the packaging industry. Their packaging machines contribute to a more efficient packaging process, saving raw and packaging materials. Since the product requires a substantial investment before ROI, this export finance facility makes it possible and attractive for clients of Niverplast to spread investment costs.

  6. Rainmaker Holland

    Rainmaker Holland offers sustainable and affordable solutions to enable safe drinking water around the world. In Djibouti, our financing will support the prefab factory for a bottled water unit to extract drinking water from the sea. This will increase accessibility to clean water using integrated sustainable energy system to operate while reducing the need to import water. Contributing to SDG6, SDG8 and SDG13.

  7. GTE Finance

    GTE acquired export financing for new vehicles trucks for Maripoma, a Ghanaian road and civil engineering construction company. The new vehicles are safer and will be used for road, construction and building projects creating 40 local jobs, contributing to SDG8.

  8. GEA Group

    GEA Group is one of the world’s largest systems suppliers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. Enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of production processes globally. The company acquired export financing for machines and equipment for lollipops for clients in Kenya. Resulting in extra jobs and thereby making impact on SDG8.

  9. Van den Heuvel Dairy and Food equipment

    Van den Heuvel Dairy and Food equipment, supplier of high quality dairy machinery and processing equipment for the production and storage of dairy products, acquired pre-export working capital together with subsequent export financing for the expansion of a mango juice production line in Gambia, benefitting Rahma Gambia Ltd. Rahma Gambia Ltd procures mangoes from local growers and utilizes them in their production process. With the installation of the new production line from Van den Heuvel, they will be capable of producing upto 500 litres of mango juice per hour. This transaction significantly contributes to SDG 8, fostering the creation of employment opportunities, thus promoting decent work and economic growth.

“Our customers can finance the tractors and agricultural machines they buy from us in a healthy way”

Go&Grow helps farmers of medium-sized and large agricultural companies in African countries with mechanization techniques and machines to efficiently and sustainably grow, harvest and store crops such as onions and potatoes. The company has used the financing facility for exporting several times.

“Export financing is very important for Go&Grow Farm Solutions”, states CEO Martin Riemens in an interview with Globe, magazine of branche organization Evofenedex. Adding: “In this way our customers can finance the tractors and agricultural machines they buy from us in a healthy way. In many African countries, local financing is hardly possible and if this is successful, the interest is high and the term is often a maximum of 1 year. With this export financing, we can deliver these companies on deferred payment, so that their cash flow remains healthy.”

Photo: Go&Grow Farm Solutions. From left to right: Rick Wesdorp and Melle van der Molen of Go&Grow Netherlands and Marlon Masirivha, technician of Go&Grow Zimbabwe at the delivery of machines to a client in Zambia.

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