Building the four greenhouses is the first step towards a bigger project comprising a total of 12 greenhouses and 118 hectares near the Tunesian city of Akarit. Agro Care’s subsidiary La Joie de Hicha will produce snack tomatoes.

Local jobs and climate impact

Kees van Veen, Chief Executive Officer of Agro Care: “Agro Care is pleased to have found the financial support provided by Invest International for our extension project in Tunisia. The financing will contribute to generate 3,500 local jobs of which the majority will be female – 60 percent – thereby contributing to SGD 8 (Decent jobs and economic growth) and SDG 5 (Gender equality).”

In addition, the project will be highly efficient in the use of ground water and is expected to reduce CO2 emissions, thereby also contributing to SDG 13 (Climate impact).

Tomatoes in a greenhouse

In the to be built greenhouses Agro Care’s subsidiary La Joie de Hicha will produce snack tomatoes.

Economic growth Tunisia

Joost Oorthuizen, Chief Executive Officer at Invest International: “We are delighted to finance this loan as it will seek to promote Tunisia’s economic growth and the creation of local jobs. Invest International’s unique role as a Dutch impact investor is putting funds to work in international projects that contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to the Dutch economy.”

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Agro Care is one of the leading tomato producers in Europe, having its headquarters in Maasdijk. At seven locations in three countries the produce is grown having a total cultivation area of 261 hectares, meaning the company can deliver all year round.

In the winter, when there is insufficient natural light in the Netherlands, supplemental lighting is used. Another part of the production capacity comes from the branches in France, Morocco and Tunisia.

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