Sustainable and local farming

Potential investments include new ways to improve sustainable and local farming, digital platforms supporting a more efficient and shorter supply chain or data-driven production methods ensuring a better soil quality. Pymwymic believes that a combination of innovative and disruptive technologies with truly regenerative practices will ignite a transition of the global food system.

Joint investment with Invest-NL and Oost NL

Other investors that step in are Invest-NL with 10 million euros and Oost NL with 3.5 million euros. In the co-operation of the three financial institutions a sweet spot is found for both local, national and global challenges related to the Agri-food-strategy and achieving SDG13, Climate impact.

The fund is expected to amount up to 60 million euros.

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Eelco Benink, Invest International Head of Equity: “Make the agricultural food system more sustainable and nature inclusive is one of the main goals of Invest International’s AgriFood strategy. Investing in Pymwymic helps driving important change in the food system, also in emerging markets where it is needed the most. An excellent example of Dutch Solutions for Global Challenges.”

Rogier Pieterse, Pymwymic Managing Director: “We are very proud of the confidence these three major investors have expressed in Pymwymic; their investment makes it possible for us to realise our mission to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system.”

About Pymwymic

Pymwymic is one of the oldest impact investors in Europe. As a co-owned impact investment cooperative of over 200 individuals, families, entrepreneurs and angel investors, they have taken a frontrunner role in the transition towards investing with care for both people and planet since 1994. Together with institutional investors, Pymwymic has launched two Sustainable Development Goals-focused impact funds.

Pymwymic’s Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund I (closed in 2021) has nine portfolio companies building solutions to preserve and restore ecosystems. They are currently investing through the Healthy Food Systems Impact Fund II, supporting the change making entrepreneurs who are transforming the food system from farm to fork.

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Cooperation Invest International & ROMs

The investment in Pymwimic is a good example of how Invest International and the Regional Development Agencies (ROMs), such as Oost NL, work together. Previously, these parties joined forces in the International Trade Facility. The International Trade Facility is intended for innovative Dutch companies that want to grow internationally and contribute to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Invest International and the ROMs can jointly finance or support these companies in accessing the right (financing) instruments from the ROMs, Invest International, banks, RVO and Atradius, among others.

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