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New member talk with Sector Heads Sven Bax and Raymond Beimers

March 23, 2022

Recently Raymond Beimers and Sven Bax joined Invest International as new Sector Heads. Over a coffee the two professionals in respectively Agri-food and Sustainable Manufacturing – two key impact areas of Invest International – share more on their experience in finance, emerging markets and working on a sustainable future. Let’s talk!

Raymond Beimers – Sector Head Agri-food

Who is Raymond Beimers? “As a professional, I would describe myself as a experienced banker with expertise in Agri commodities and structuring of loans for corporates, traders and processors. I want to use my knowledge and skills and contribute to improving the livelihood of people in emerging markets.”

What is the key experience you bring in at Invest International? “A combination of loan structuring skills, Agri-food and commodity knowledge. I have managed and created new teams and am looking forward to create a successful Agri-food sector together for Invest International. ”


‘The Agri-food transition should be a focus area for Invest International’

Raymond Beimers
Sector Head Agri-food

What are you passionate about? “The whole package in which Agri-food value chains, food systems and transition in agriculture come together. I enjoy doing business in emerging markets and have been working on that for most of my career. This passion I will bring into working at Invest International, hoping to make impact in sustainable finance together with the team”, tells Raymond.

What do you like to do in your spare time? “ I am a sports fan. I like being at big sport events like the Olympic Games, the Ryder Cup and watch Ajax games. I enjoy to travel with my family and cook & eat good food and drink good wine.”

Before joining Invest International Raymond worked as the Global Head of Coverage Agricultural Clients at the Trade and Commodity Finance department of ABN AMRO Bank.

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Sven Bax - Sector Head Sustainable Manufacturing

Who is Sven Bax? “As a professional I bring in broad experience in sustainability, finance and emerging markets, having worked in Venezuela and Vietnam a.o. I have spent more than 25 years working at large banks like Rabobank and ABN AMRO gaining experience in structured Financial and Risk management in complex international (emerging) markets.”

What is the key experience you bring in at Invest International? “Manufacturing was always a key part of the business and my focus, both locally and internationally. Investing in new business models in manufacturing, technology, new supply chains and end-markets as well as the necessary logistics systems. Together with the excellent teams at Invest International, I really look forward to develop the sustainable manufacturing sector and to bring the strong and diverse offering to start-ups, SMEs a.o. in the Netherlands in a focused way.”


‘The transition towards a more sustainable manufacturing business will be a complex one, driven by innovation and entrepreneurship’

Sven Bax
Sector Head Sustainable Manufacturing

What are you passionate about? “Contribute meaningfully to Invest Internationals investments through my extensive experience in structured & Project Finance, cross-border trade, working with multilaterals, public entities (ministries) in challenging environments. I believe that the upcoming transition period towards a more sustainable manufacturing business will be a challenging, but exciting one and I believe with a structured and focused approach we can be successful and contribute meaningfully to Dutch businesses and the entrepreneurial climate.”

What do you do like to do in your spare time? “Spending time with friends, family and my son. I like to travel, play sports (cycling, hockey, squash), read (mostly non-fiction) and every now and then make my hands dirty in the garden, although I have to admit I am a fair weather gardener.”

A look at Svens’ cv learns that, next to a large career at Rabobank, he was involved in a partnership working towards building platforms for investments in several large regional transformation challenges in the Netherlands. Next to that he helped set up a foundation that works towards solving water related problems in emerging markets in a sustainable way.

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