Financing solutions for public infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Construction workers.

During the development stage of infrastructure these projects we can finance for example a feasibility study, an environmental effects report or the conceptual design. But also later, during the implementation stage, we can provide financing solutions, for instance through grants, guarantees or loans.

Conditions for financing Governments’ Infrastructure projects

In general, the following conditions apply:

  • The infrastructure projects should be focussed to one or more of the following SDG’s: SDG 2 ‘Zero Hunger’, SDG 3 ‘Good Health and Well Being’, SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ or SDG 13 ‘Climate Action’
  • For financing during the implementation stage the minimum amount we can finance is € 5 million and the maximum amount is € 60 million.
  • Goods, works or services for the infrastructure projects provided by companies need to be tendered by either the local Government or via Invest International (TenderNed).
  • Companies involved in the execution of the infrastructure projects should comply with the OESO guidelines for Multinational Corporations and the UN Guiding principles for business and human rights.

DRIVE and D2B infrastructure programmes

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we implement the DRIVE (Development-relevant infrastructure projects) and Develop2Build (D2B) programs.

D2B focuses on the development phase of public infrastructure, which improves the local business environment and stimulates private sector development. When a D2B project is fully developed, co-financing through DRIVE can offer a solution.

A budget of € 200 million is available from the time of entry into force until 31 December 2024 for making donations to government bodies in developing countries in the context of the DRIVE and Develop2Build (D2B) programmes.

Go to the DRIVE policy (in Dutch)

Go to the D2B policy (in Dutch)


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