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Collaboration with BNR: Exploring International Entrepreneurship through Inspiring Stories

February 02, 2024

Are you eager to stay ahead of the latest developments in doing international business? Look no further than BNRs program Internationaal Zakendoen. Every week, from February 5 2024 onwards at 1:10 PM, an item about International Entrepreneurship is broadcasted within the Business program.

A collaboration between BNR and Invest International. Featuring captivating narratives and invaluable insights into the realm of international business. Subsequently, you can revisit these episodes as a podcast on multiple platforms.

Dutch entrepreneurs making waves abroad

Embarking on international business ventures entails a myriad of challenges. Within the BNR radio program, Internationaal Zakendoen, Dutch entrepreneurs generously share weekly their experiences in navigating the global business arena.

What motivates these entrepreneurs to cast their gaze beyond borders? And for top executives of multinational corporations, what key considerations should be taken into account when venturing into the markets of developing countries? Whether they’re a startup, scale-up, well-established SME, or a multinational giant, these entrepreneurs impart their insights.

Each broadcast offers a trip along business tips, cases, sometimes insights into international financing, and a sneak peek into business opportunities.

BNR Podcast: Revisit All Episodes

Missed a live broadcast? No worries! Following the initial airing, episodes are made available as BNR podcasts. Easily access and enjoy all episodes here or check channels like Spotify:

Tune in every Monday at 1.10 PM from February 5, 2024 onwards.

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