“I am extremely proud that, during the past four years, the entire team has managed to build Invest International into the impactful organization it is today” says Oorthuizen. “Now that the organization is so firmly established, I feel free to focus on new organizations as an ‘initiator’ once again. I want to thank all colleagues and partners for the good and successful cooperation, and I hope to meet them again in new roles.”

Ineke Bussemaker, Chair of the Supervisory Board: “Joost has shaped Invest International from the very beginning, charted the course, and achieved excellent results together with the team. We thank Joost greatly for his contribution to the company.”

Interim Co-CEOs

Bussemaker: “We are delighted that Hans and Diederick are joining our Management Team. This strengthening of our management team, on an interim basis, comes at a time to further address the current opportunities and responsibilities of Invest International. The combined knowledge and experience of Diederick and Hans in international financial markets, national and international business-government processes, and governance are of great importance as Invest International further strengthens its capital position, investment capacities, and impact returns. We look forward to welcoming both to the team.”

Hans Docter

Hans Docter (1966) is an experienced and coalition-building diplomat. He has worked as an ambassador and special envoy for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in many different countries where Invest International sees opportunities for impactful investments. Hans Docter currently works as a consultant for Invest International and is the country manager in Vietnam. His knowledge of international cooperation, politics, and government is a significant asset to the Managing Board.

Diederick van Mierlo

Diederick van Mierlo (1967) is a strategic and pragmatic leader at the intersection of business, government, and risk. He has extensive experience in international finance and governance at ABNAMRO and Groenbank and excellent management skills. His inspired leadership style is of great added value to the Managing Board.

Diederick and Hans have committed to being available for the rest of this year.