1. What makes Invest International so interesting to become part of the Supervisory Board?

Ineke: “Shall I kick-off? I firmly believe in the vision and mission of Invest International: to help and support Dutch companies that wish to invest in emerging markets worldwide. With solutions in finance and the necessary expertise. I am very pleased to be able to use my experience, in the international banking sector in Africa a.o., for this purpose. But I am also here to mirror and think along.”

“After nineteen very intensive years at Eneco, I finally can give new time to other things. Invest International is in that sense spot on considering of what I had in mind. Because it sits on the crossroads of public and private, has an international focus and wishes to spread sustainability in the world. As a bonus, my experience in finance and knowledge of risk management does come in handy. I would like to give something back to society and also help the management of Invest international further along with the plans set”, tells Guido.

Salim: “For Dutch companies a one-stop-shop for doing international business is very important. Focusing on projects that contribute to the SDGs. One central point where financing, support and regional expertise come together, will help tremendously in achieving those goals. I am happy to contribute to Invest International’s purpose, also with the next generations in mind.”

“Dutch companies in Water & Infra, Engineering, Healthcare, Food and Agri business can bring enormous added value within the framework of the SDGs.”

Ineke Bussemaker

Chair of the Supervisory Board

2. The supervisory role is one part. What else Invest International may expect from you as a board member?

Salim: “For myself I see a role for promoting the organisation and contribute to the branding. Who are we? What do we stand for? For what kind of projects can I knock on Invest internationals door? I want to function as a sounding board on Arabic speaking countries and the Northern part of Africa where I do a lot of business and share my contacts in the region.”

“Think along with the Management Team, be a sparring partner. I consider myself both being an advisor and ambassador at the same time”, says Ineke.

Guido: “I can contribute to putting the finance and risk hygiene factors in the company in order. Looking at: ‘With whom are you doing business?’ and “What are the organisations’ weaknesses?” Furthermore, be a source of inspiration and identify business opportunities and use my contacts. But also look with a critical eye to the performance and have a motivating role to become succesful, linked to the goals set.”

RvC member Ineke Bussemaker in Tanzania

Ineke Bussemaker worked at five different banks in five countries. From 2015 to 2019 she was the CEO of NMB Bank in Tanzania where this picture was taken.

3. What do you consider to be Invest International’s key challenge for the first couple of years?

Ineke: “Invest International is new, but basically consists of two existing organisations coming together. It will take time to find the right path. The first successes will determine how the market perceives Invest International. Appealing transactions will be necessary to establish a reputation in the market.”

“In arranging internal processes, the governance and compliance, which require a lot of energy. In addition to closing appealing deals, as Ineke also says, and making it clear that the deals contribute to the SDGs. If the Dutch business community gets an eye for this, things will start rolling”, is the opinion of Guido.

Salim: “The making of the Invest International brand. Dutch companies must know where to find Invest Internatinoal, ‘abroad’ they also must get to know the organisation. All the elements for success are in the pocket: a broad range of financing possibilities, expertise, the companies, the network. Managing all of these factors together can become Invest Internationals’ strength. Projects that fall into the sweet spot must match this, in terms of type of financing, sustainability, risk profile and markets in which Invest international wishes to be active.”

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Guido Dubbeld member Supervisory Board Invest International

After 19 years working as CFO at Eneco, Guido Dubbeld now has time for new adventures. As a commissioner for Invest Internatinoal amongst other things.

4. Invest International stands for ‘Dutch solutions for global challenges (SDGs)’. What is your opinion on the opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs in emerging markets?

Guido: “With having a one-stop-shop counter now, companies will have more insight into the financing possibilities and regulations. As a result, much more business can be generated, which could have a pulling effect. For example, in renewable energy solutions. The challenges in that area are enormous and are only going to get bigger.”

“I believe there’s a enormous potential”, says Salim. “Internationally the Netherlands has a very good reputation. We are being perceived as innovative, flexible and have high-quality knowledge in many fields. I foresee a lot of opportunities for partnerships, for example in the Arabic speaking world. Invest International brings in a financing portfolio and a broader range of experience.”

Ineke: “Dutch companies in Water & Infrastructure, Engineering, Healthcare, Food and Agri business can bring enormous added value within the framework of the SDGs. It helps if some government support is added to mitigate risks or share them with a partner. Other European countries already have such schemes offered from one organization. Which has proven to be very effective. I wish Dutch entrepreneurs can have the same advantages.”

“For Dutch companies a one-stop-shop for doing international business is very important. Focusing on projects that contribute to the SDGs.”

Salim Rabbani

Member of the Supervisory Board

5. Let’s talk the future! Do you have a message or a wish for Invest International?

Ineke: “The wish is: good luck! Close a few good, inspiring deals. To learn. Invest International is a learning organisation you could consider as a scale-up. From then on go forwards, step by step. Go and just do it, that’s what’s it’s all about right now!”

Salim: “Consolidating the organisation is important. Besides building the name and reputation in the market and communicate this in the right, consistent way through existing networks and contacts. Plus: step forward as one team. Maybe that’s even more important than closing 100 deals.”

“In these COVID-times it is quite difficult to build an organisation with everyone working from home. I hope that a solid, exciting dynamic will originate that will help Dutch companies thrive and grow and achieve the SDGs’, says Guido in the end.

Salim Rabbani of Supervisory Board Invest International

Connecting countries and bringing people together. In business and through education and cultural exchange. That’s what Salim Rabbani personally stands for and is involved in business wise.

“Much more business can be generated for Dutch companies, for example in renewable energy solutions. The challenges we face in that field are enormous.”

Guido Dubbeld

Chairman Audit & Risk committee

The Supervisory Board in short

Ineke Bussemaker – Chair Supervisory Board
“Gender diversity, I’ve been working hard for that for my entire career,” said Ineke Bussemaker in an interview with SER Top Women. Her heart goes out specifically to inclusive finance for women. To this end, she still uses her more than 30 years of experience in international banking. Ineke worked at five different banks in five countries. From 2015 to 2019, CEO of NMB Bank in Tanzania was on her business card. In 2020, she switched to education and became Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Guido Dubbeld – Chair Risk & Audit committee Supervisory Board
“[…] I think I am a CFO with a lot of in depth knowledge of the business. A CFO who has both a brake and an accelerator pedal, a CFO functioning as a catalyst for sustainability and innovation.” Guido Dubbeld said in the farewell interview in CFO magazine after nineteen years working at energy company Eneco. A glance at his CV shows that during that period of time he was a risk manager, finance & control manager, director of Eneco Energy Trade, CFO and member of the Executive Board. Now it’s time for new adventures. As a commissioner and as a fanatic mountain hiker and triathlete.

Salim Rabbani – Member Supervisory Board 
“Connecting countries and bringing people together. In business and through education and cultural exchange. That is what I personally stand for and am involved in business wise.” Salim Rabbani is managing director of Rabbani Trading & Consulting (RTC). This 60-year-old family business is an international business development, stakeholder development and strategy consultancy, active in the Middle East, North Africa, the Netherlands and the USA.

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