Seaweed as a resource

Seaweed as a resource has a positive impact on many challenges facing society today. Founded in 2018, The Seaweed Company provides scalable seaweed solutions with a positive impact. From agricultural solutions to catalyze the transition to sustainable agriculture to food solutions to enable the shift to sustainable diets. The Seaweed Company’s ambition is to become the European market leader in sustainable functional ingredients based on seaweed close to the biomass source and its production.

Joost Wouters co-founder from TSC:

“We utilize the unused potential of seaweed. Our dream is to create a sustainable and healthy food system for ourselves, our children and future generations. We are pleased that Invest International supports our vision. We plan to use this investment to improve and optimize our production technology to meet demand and increase impact. An investment in technology to further accelerate our innovation.”

Joost Wouters of the Seaweed Company looking at seaweed grow

Michiel Slootweg, Director Private Sector at Invest International:

“Through the involvement of Invest International, uncertainties and risks surrounding projects are reduced, making them financeable and contributing to the development of scalable, innovative business models. The Seaweed Company offers a solution to global challenges. Ideas that change the world. A revolutionary idea that will make the world a better place for all of us to live in. That is an important reason for us to support this initiative so that we make it possible for The Seaweed Company to take the next step.”

Adding: “We provide development capital to open up new markets internationally and reduce financial risk. By making such capital available, we share the associated development risk and only demand a return on the investment once success has been achieved.”

The high potential of seaweed

Seaweed not only has a positive effect on our living environment, it also offers opportunities for the fishing sector. Integrated cultivation of different species of fish, crustaceans and plants serves as a promising solution for the sustainable development of aquaculture. The project is expected to support multiple jobs in Ireland and the Netherlands during the pilot phase and in the harvesting and sowing seasons.

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