The global challenges require breakthrough solutions, often where private and public interests coincide.

Our journey started in 2019 when our current shareholders, the Dutch Ministry of Finance (51%) and FMO (49%), decided to start a Joint Venture.

The rational behind this decision was that companies in the Netherlands with international activities related to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals could use support in order to make their investments better financeable. These kinds of investments often come with high levels of risk, which makes it unlikely that the total investment can be financed on the market. The idea behind the Joint Venture was that Invest International should enlarge the possibilities for financing such high-risk international investments.

“The start of Invest International is the beginning of taking on challenges and fulfilling ambitions to create impact worldwide.”

Purpose by law

As a state-owned private company the ‘Oprichtingswet Invest International’ passed the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Netherlands in 2020-2021. In accordance with the ‘Oprichtingswet Invest International’ two strategic objectives for Invest International can be identified: 1) to contribute to the future earning capacity of the Netherlands and 2) to create impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

After the law passed the Senate of the Netherlands, Invest International was officially established on July 28 2021. Our shareholders have appointed a Supervisory Board that supervises the Management Board of Invest International.

Phased introduction

When we start in 2021, we’ve only just begun. Invest International comprises of several building blocks. It brings together already existing international financing activities from RVO and FMO, and complements them with new activities. Throughout the coming years Invest International will design and realise the necessary next steps of its corporate development.

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