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We are Invest International. We invest in Dutch solutions for global challenges.

How can we help you?

Building the sustainable markets of tomorrow calls for innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

We help Dutch or Dutch-linked businesses, governments and investors to finance and develop impactful projects that contribute to the achievement of the SDG’s.

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How we drive success for Dutch businesses

“We could not go to a bank to ask for a loan. So, the fact that Invest International gave us a loan allowed us to construct extra buildings, buy extra equipment and create employment for at least 500 people.”
– Arjen Laan CEO of Pactics

“Our collaboration with Invest International has allowed us to accelerate our build up in Nigeria and to professionalize our company.”
– Bert Dequae of NXT Grid B.V.

“Invest International pre-financed our first container which allowed us to enter the market in the Netherlands”
– Ineke Aquarius of Fiber Foods B.V.

Our ambition?

To foster innovative solutions for global challenges and make the necessary investments feasible. Our initial business focus is on five markets in which the Netherlands has a lot to offer: Agri-food, Energy, Healthcare, Sustainable Manufacturing and Water & Infra.

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